Alle Neuigkeiten rund um das 6GEM Projekt


5th General Assembly in Duisburg

Vom 15 – 16. November 2023 fand in Duisburg Die 5. 6GEM-Generalversammlun statt.
Insgesamt gab es ca. 130 Teilnehmer und es wurden 20 Demos sowie 55 Poster vorgestellt.

Piggyback Network to enable Beyond 5G Society

supported by Autonomous Mobilities, Terahertz, & Space-Time Synchronization

Talk by:
Yozo Shoji, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

BMBF event „6G Platform networking event”, June 2023 in Berlin

6GEM hat am BMBF Event “6G Plattform Networking Event” teilgenommen, das vom 26. - 29.06.23 in Berlin stattfand.
Bei diesem Event wurden unter anderem deutsche 6G-Projekte und deren erste Ergebnisse vorgestellt.

Zudem wurden auch andere EU- und internationale 6G Programme präsentiert und es wurden regulatorische Fragen in Bezug auf 6G (Spektrum, elektromagnetische Exposition, Datenschutz und Privatsphäre, KI-Nutzung, Nachhaltigkeit uvm.) geklärt.

6GEM hat auf dem Gemeinschaftsstand verschiedene Demos präsentiert und hat an verschiedenen angebotenen Workshops teilgenommen. Durch die Teilnahme konnte das Netzwerk ausgebaut werden und sich mit anderen Teilnehmern ausgetauscht werden.

4th General Assembly Meeting in Dortmund

Vom 15.06.2023 – 16.06.2023 fand das vierte 6GEM General Assembly Meeting in Dortmund am LogistikCampus der TU Dortmund statt. Das Treffen wurde gemeinsam von der TU Dortmund und dem Fraunhofer IML organisiert.
An diesem zweitägigen Meeting haben über 130 Teilnehmer teilgenommen.

BMBF event "6G Platform networking event", June 2023 in Berlin

Teilnahme am BMBF Event „6G Platform networking event”, Juni 2023 in Berlin. 6GEM Gemeinschafts-Messestand und Vorführung von Demos, Bericht über Forschungsarbeit und Teilnahme an Workshops

6GEM booth, ICC 2023 Rome, May 2023

Joint booth at the ICC 2023 in Rome and demonstration of demos

1st Germany-Japan Beyond 5G/6G Research Workshop

Im Rahmen der internationalen Kooperation des 6GEM Research Hub mit Japan nahm das 6GEM-Team
am 1st Germany-Japan Beyond 5G/6G Research Workshop am 24-25.04.2023 im Hauptquartier von NICT in Tokio teil.

Prof. Sezgin, Prof. Wietfeld und Prof. Gačanin hielten einen Vortrag auf dem Workshop.

6GEM booth, National Conference IT-Security 2023, Berlin, March 2023

6GEM Messestand, „post quantum cryptography with respect to open challenges especially in the context of 6G research”, Nationale Konferenz IT-Sicherheitsforschung 2023, Berlin, März 2023

Invited talk, Wireless World Research Forum, March 2023, Poland

Eingeladener Vortrag, „Towards sustainable and automated communications”, Wireless World Research Forum, März 2023, Polen

Nationale Konferenz IT-Security, March 2023, Berlin

Demo-Ausstellung/Vorstellung „IRShield“, Nationale Konferenz IT-Sicherheitsforschung, „Die digital vernetzte Gesellschaft stärken“, März 2023, Berlin

Mobile World Congress, 6GEM booth, Barcelona, ​​February 2023

6GEM took part in Globecom 2022

The consortium partner ICE of RWTH Aachen and DKS of Ruhr-University Bochum have presented their latest works
and promoted the capabilities of the consortium.

6GEM Exhibited in VTC 2022-Fall in London

The two 6GEM partners, Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems of RWTH Aachen and
the Chair of Digital Communication Systems of Ruhr University Bochum, have attended to
Vehicular Technology Conference 2022 Fall in London. Both groups have presented their latest research results and
applications on AR and IRS respectively. The partners have emphasised the implementational focus of 6GEM in
addition to in-depth research capabilities.

6GEM presented at 6G Summit in Munich

The current status of the 6GEM research hub was presented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld
at the most recent Thinknet 6G Summit on 17.9.2022 in Munich.

The 6G Summit 2022 featured a welcome address from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ina Schieferdecker who heads
the research on digitalization and innovation at BMBF and is responsible for the around 700 million
Euro 6G research program launched in 2021 by BMBF. The research hubs are a key element of this
research program. 6GEM was presented in a session along with the other German research hubs 6G-life,
Open6G and 6G-RIC. Furthermore, international 56G research initiatives were introduced.

Future-Proof Data Encryption

RUB security researchers win worldwide NIST standardization process for post-quantum cryptography.
This means that encryption methods developed in Bochum, which even quantum computers cannot crack, will become standard in the USA.

Secure encrypted communication is the basis for a global connected mobile world. However, the closer
quantum computers, ultra-powerful computers, come to a realistic reach, the more tangible the risks to IT
security become. The American National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has recognized
these risks posed by quantum computers for secure data encryption and started a process to standardize
quantum computer-resistant cryptographic methods in 2016 already.

Research groups from all over the world submitted concepts for new encryption methods, and 15 methods
made it to the finals of the competition. Three out of four of the now finally accepted submissions were
developed by researchers from the Cluster of Excellence CASA "Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries"
at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), which has the goal of enabling sustainable IT security against large-scale,
adversaries, in particular nation-state attackers. In doing so, they gained a worldwide recognized standardization
competition that will significantly influence the quantum computer-resistant encryption methods of the future.

COST CA20120 INTERACT 2nd technical Meeting

COST CA20120 INTERACT 2nd technical Meeting, Campus LyonTech, Frankreich

6GEM presentation at the HF‐Professorium 2022 at University Ulm

Nils Pohl stellt 6GEM auf dem HF‐Professorium 2022 der Universität Ulm vor.

Aydin Sezgin will give a talk on Wireless Security

Aydin Sezgin wurde eingeladen, im Rahmen eines von der Medienakademie Köln am 18.05.2022
organisierten 6G Experten-Roundtables einen Vortrag zum Thema Security in der Funkkommunikation zu halten.


Einrichtung eines Studentenaustauschprogramms, NICT/6GEM

Einrichtung eines Studentenaustauschprogramms zwischen dem National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan) und dem 6GEM Research Hub.

„6G perspective in 6GEM Research Hub“, NICT Symposium

H. Gacanin wurde eingeladen einen Vortrag zum Thema „6G perspective in 6GEM Research Hub“
auf dem NICT Symposium in Japan zu halten, March 2022

Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS) for 6G networks

6G imposes new challenges on both the infrastructure and the user equipment.
One promising concept for 6G networks is the Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS), or Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS).
The IRS is a synthetically produced meta-surface that can programmatically manipulate the phase of a radio wave reflected from it.
Thus, for the first time, it is possible to optimize the radio channel for various applications by means of an IRS instead of considering it
unchangeably given. This new concept, which besides the optimization of the spectral efficiency during communication, enables many other applications, will therefore be an elementary component in 6G and thus also in 6GEM.


Which added value can future 6G mobile communications systems provide for highly relevant use cases in society and industry? This is one of the questions that the 6G Research Hub "6GEM", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), is addressing since August 2021. One of the seven test fields in which different facets of 6G innovation are being tested is the German Rescue Robotics Center (DRZ), which is also funded by the BMBF. Just recently, TU Dortmund University has conducted initial tests with its new robot system in the DRZ environment. The tests focused on maintaining communication between the ground robot and the control system in a Search & Rescue mission. Various aspects of the test setup in the DRZ outdoor environment were used for this purpose. Here, the wireless communication systems investigated in 6GEM meet complex evaluation environments for testing of tasks in rescue and disaster areas, which enable the mapping of realistic and radio challenging environments through collapse scenarios, tunnel systems or containers.

Discussion on 6G cooperation topics, NICT/6GEM

Discussion on 6G cooperation topics between the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan) andthe  6GEM Research Hub.

6GEM Research Hub intro at the NYU Wireless

6GEM Research Hub was introduced at the NYU Wireless | Terahertz, 6G & Beyond.

“THz Meets Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”

A. Sezgin organisiert einen Workshop zum Thema “THz Meets Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Challenges and Developments towards 6G Systems” im Rahmen der Konferenz COMMNET, Dezember 2021


The kickoff meeting for 6GEM was held on 21 November 2021.

“Open, Efficient and Secure 6G Wireless as a part of the 6GEM Research Hub”

H. Gacanin wurde eingeladen, im Rahmen der Konferenz IEEE Asia-Pacific Communications Conference (APCC) 2021,
einen Vortrag zum Thema „Open, Efficient and Secure 6G Wireless as a part of the 6GEM Research Hub“ zu halten.

6G perspective in 6GEM Research Hub, Thinknet 6G Summit

H. Gacanin wurde eingeladen, im Rahmen der Konferenz Thinknet 6G Summit Oktober 2021,
einen Vortrag zum Thema „6G perspective in 6GEM Research Hub“ zu halten.

“Security, privacy, trust, and resilience in 6G” workshop

A. Sezgin, participation at the “Security, privacy, trust, and resilience in 6G” workshop

organized by MÜNCHNER KREIS and Thinknet 6G (Bayern Innovativ)

September 2021

“6GEM – 6G Wireless with Connected Intelligence: Open, Efficient and Secure”

H. Gacanin wurde eingeladen, im Rahmen der Konferenz IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2021,
einen Vortrag zum Thema „6GEM – 6G Wireless with Connected Intelligence: Open, Efficient and Secure“ zu halten.

Internationales Panel zu 6G, mit Vorstellung des 6GEM Hubs

C. Wietfeld organisiert, im Rahmen der 5G.NRWeek, ein internationales Panel zu 6G,
mit Vorstellung des 6GEM Hubs im September 2021 in Düsseldorf.