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5G to 6G: Applications and Enabling Technologies, Sharing Some Singapore’s Research Activities and Initiatives
Tuesday, 29 March, 08:30

Webinar by Dr. Sumei Sun
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Wireless Communications
Tuesday, 19 April, 14:30

Webinar by Prof. Marco Di Renzo
Towards Connecting the Remaining 3+ Billion
Tuesday, 26 April, 14:30

Webinar by Prof. Mohamed-Slim Alouini of KAUST
6G – Connecting a cyber -physical world
Monday, 23 May, 10:00

Webinar by Dr. Michael Meyer from Ericsson Research in Germany
Aspects of Time and Space in Wireless Connectivity beyond 5G and 6G
Friday, 24 June, 14:00

Webinar by Prof. Petar Popovski
NICT’s vision for the next generation mobile communication system (Beyond 5G /6G)
Tuesday, 19 July, 10:00

Webinar by Dr. Iwao Hosako
Architecture re-factoring towards 6G era
Tuesday, 18 October, 10:00

Webinar by Dr. Simone Redana from Nokia Bell Labs
Reflecting 6G research Landscape from a T&M perspective
Wednesday, 23 November, 12:00

Webinar by Andreas Rössler from Rohde & Schwarz
Federated Learning in V2X Networks
Tuesday, 07 February, 16:00

Seminar talk by H. Vincent Poor from Princeton University
Towards connected mobility with 5G/6G
Monday, 20 March, 10:00

Dr. Frank Hofmann from Robert Bosch GmbH will give a talk with the title "Towards connected mobility with 5G/6G"
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces 2.0: Beyond Diagonal Phase Shift Matrices
Friday, 21 April, 14:00

Webinar by Prof. Bruno Clerckx, Imperial College London
Electromagnetic Information Theory: Past, Present and Future
Friday, 12 May, 14:00

Webinar by Prof. Merouane Debbah, Technology Innovation Institute
President of NICT, Japan auf dem 6GEM 4th General Assembly Meeting in Dortmund
Wednesday, 14 June, 12:00

President of NICT, Japan auf dem 6GEM 4th General Assembly Meeting in Dortmund
6G enabled Future Robotics
Friday, 07 July, 09:00

Xueli An, Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH will give a Talk about "6G enabled Future Robotics"